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    The " Disaster Yacht" - new model by Hein Kistenich

    david f
    david f
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    The " Disaster Yacht"  -  new model by Hein Kistenich Empty The " Disaster Yacht" - new model by Hein Kistenich

    Post  david f Sat Apr 10, 2021 10:41 am

    Hein has just sent me details of his new project - the Love Love yacht by Julian Berthier. Not quite a submarine but close!

    LATER EDIT: Second message from Hein. (English version by Google Translate.)
    "Let us now turn back to reality: It was not easy to teach Love-Love to
    "walk upright". In my presumptuousness I believed that I could
    theoretically solve this problem. The inspiration quickly came from
    perspiration. Here is a note about the equipment: On-board voltage: 4.8
    V NiMH, RC: 40 MHz, drive: POD with 2 propellers of 25 mm. Love-Love can
    only be used in calm water without waves. See also the videos from the

    Wenden wir uns jetzt wieder der Realität zu: Es war nicht leicht,
    Love-Love den "aufrechten Gang" beizubringen. In meiner Vermessenheit
    glaubte ich, dieses Problem bereits theoretisch lösen zu können. Zu der
    Inspiration kam dann schnell die Transpiration.                        
                                Hier ein Hinweis zur Ausstattung:
    Bordspannung: 4,8 v NiMH, RC: 40 MHz, Antrieb: POD mit 2 Propellern von
    25 mm. Zu benutzen sein wird Love-Love nur in ruhigem Wasser ohne
    Wellen. Siehe auch die Videos vom Original.

    Ein schönes Wochenende und viel Spaß beim Segeln wünschen"

    Some photos to give you the idea and Hein's model.

    The " Disaster Yacht"  -  new model by Hein Kistenich Jpg_im10

    The " Disaster Yacht"  -  new model by Hein Kistenich Jpg_in10

    The " Disaster Yacht"  -  new model by Hein Kistenich P1010310

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    The " Disaster Yacht"  -  new model by Hein Kistenich Empty Re: The " Disaster Yacht" - new model by Hein Kistenich

    Post  Flyingwrench Wed Apr 21, 2021 5:27 pm

    The only way this could happen to a production sailboat is for it to be moored to too short a mooring line when the tide came in. For tides of that nature, one would need to be in the higher, or lower, latitudes, around 45 degrees. Cut the mooring line and the boat should more or less right itself. However, the forward part being submerged at that angle makes the likelihood of it remaining afloat for any length of time problematical.

    The only other possibility would be for too much weight being dumped in, or onto, the forward part of the vessel. But there would be problems doing so unless the weight was dumped on the foredeck all at once. However, the weight required to attain such an angle would immediately slide off or pull the boat under.

    Therefore the most likely probability would be too short a mooring line, in which case boat could not move. Of course one can always design a vessel to mimic such conditions as in these photos. The "yacht" is not capsized as that would mean it had turned upside down, a physical impossibility for a keeled sailboat of this nature.

    Definition of capsize

    transitive verb :to cause to overturn

    He should have named the art work "America" or perhaps "EU"
    Len Morris

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    The " Disaster Yacht"  -  new model by Hein Kistenich Empty Re: The " Disaster Yacht" - new model by Hein Kistenich

    Post  Len Morris Wed Apr 21, 2021 6:28 pm

    This is a good fun model and very close to something I'm considering. Although subs are my passion I could not resist buying a half built 40 inch Liberty ship model at a boot sale for next to nothing. The hull is fibreglass and the rest of the kit is still in a raw wood condition. Its been sat on my top shelf for a number of years.

    I hope to cut the hull in half and hinge it in the middle. She will float as normal and sail as normal and then to explosion sounds and a jet of water up the side break her back and end up with just the bow and stern sections visible above the water.

    All relatively simple sub technology but need to work out how to control the hinge mechanism. If I can get it right I'm sure it'll be fun, particularly at the sub rallies.


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