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    K class plans

    david f
    david f
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    K class plans Empty K class plans

    Post  david f Fri May 13, 2022 10:18 am

    Any more sources of information for Alan? This is a copy of email correspondence:


    I a rekindeling my interests in model submarines, and I would like to join.

    My brother was a submariner in the 60's, and I have been obsessed with the K Class since I saw the model in the Submarine Museum, which was not then open to the public. (It is amazing what part of a tot will get you!)

    I will take this oportunity to ask, where can I get plans for the K's, it doesn't matter which one, in their "As Built," flush-deck form?

    There used to be a fg hull available, from somewhere, but, alas, no longer, it seems.

    Any help appreciated.

    Thank you.



    The Orkney Islands.

    Hi Alan,

    Welcome to the AMS!
    ( I remember Orkney with great fondness. Diving the German fleet in Scapa flow twice and a recent cruise visit to Kirkwall!)

    Yes, the K class is a very popular topic but it does make a " very difficult to make a working model "subject. (Very long and thin, loads of detail and lots of working bits - a bit like the full size boat!)

    And as for plans, the one shown referenced on the AMS forum under Caswell is no longer available.

    HOWEVER I am pleased to see that an excellent John Lambert plan exists. This can be seen at a reasonable size in my "go-to" publication "British Submarines in Two World Wars" (2019) by Norman Friedman publ. by Seaforth on Page 91. This is for the flush deck arrangement.

    A "not bad plan" (no sections) is available online at:

    Would you mind if I copy our correspondence on to the Forum for information to others. (I will remove any personal information.)

    Kind regards,

    David Forrest "

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