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    Lost Submarine now found

    david f
    david f
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    Lost Submarine now found Empty Lost Submarine now found

    Post  david f Fri Aug 20, 2021 3:19 pm

    A very nice story from Hein:

    "And now to the joy of the week:

    In autumn 2000 our son lost his model submarine in the "Fühlinger See" (in the north of Cologne). Search didn't help. The boat was still being tested at the time and there was no proof of ownership inside either. We didn't even have photos of the boat.

    On July 26th in 2021 - twenty years later -,  Norbert Brüggen contacted us because someone sent him 2 photos of an "abandoned" submarine with a request for help.

    Since Norbert knew the boat, he informed us. The "outlier" has been with us again for a week and it fell to me to make the thing "nice" again. The boat could not have been in the water for a very long time. There are no visible traces of moisture inside, only traces of aging. One of the "previous owners" had removed the batteries. What the questioner (someone) told my son is so scant that we will leave it at that. Anything else would be speculation!

    What an odyssey!

    The drive motor can still be used and the thermostat control for the motor cooling pump still works.

    With all the gloom of the last few months, this experience could help you not to lose faith in humanity completely.

    Best wishes


    What can I say, a fantastic story and don't forget to put names and addresses inside WTCs and a Pinger outside!


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    Lost Submarine now found Empty Re: Lost Submarine now found

    Post  redboat219 Tue Aug 31, 2021 3:46 pm

    Wish there's a photo of the sub.
    david f
    david f
    AMS Treasurer

    Posts : 2405
    Join date : 2010-11-10
    Age : 73
    Location : Cumbria

    Lost Submarine now found Empty Re: Lost Submarine now found

    Post  david f Thu Sep 02, 2021 9:35 am

    No sooner said than done!

    Message from Hein follows ( He makes really good points about enclosing an address onboard the sub and warning about overpowering models  - been there and done that - my Holland got stuck in the mud!):

    "Hello David, hello Avril    

    Here are three photos of the "returnee" called SUSHI.

    State September 2000 and July 2021:
    Structure of the model:
    Body parts made of GRP.
    Large bayonet made of aluminum 10 teeth.
    Small bayonet: aluminum, 2 screwed fastening points.

    The equipment:
    The axes of the X-rudders cross, mixer for their control.
    Motor type 650 with thermostatic water cooling.
    Speed ​​controller: 35 A
    On-board voltage: 12V (10 x type C).
    4 servos.
    Position control around the transverse axis.
    45 mm three-blade propeller (propshop).

    Possible cause for the failure: The steering control was constantly overwhelmed by the high speed of the model due to over-motorization.
    The pressure sensor was too sluggish for rapid pressure changes. This had already led to some critical situations in the past, in which the model got stuck with her nose vertically in the mud.
    Another mistake was the missing address of the owner in the boat.
    In nutshell: pride comes before the fall!

    We do not know anything else that happened between the loss in September 2000 and the return home in July 2021. That is why there is no further speculation here.
    We are pleased that we have the opportunity to give the model a second life.

    Best wishes

    Hallo David, hallo Avril
    Hier drei Fotos des "Rückkehrers" namens SUSHI.
    Stand September 2000 und Juli 2021: Aufbau des Modells: Karosserieteile aus GFK. Großes Bajonett aus Aluminium 10 Zähne. Kleines Bajonett: Aluminium, 2 verschraubte Befestigungspunkte.
    Die Ausrüstung: Die Achsen der X-Ruder kreuzen sich, Mischer für ihre Steuerung. Motortyp 650 mit thermostatischer Wasserkühlung. Drehzahlregler: 35 A Bordspannung: 12V (10 x Typ C). BEC. 4 Servos. Positionskontrolle um die Planachse. 45 mm Dreiblattpropeller (Propshop).
    Mögliche Fehlerursache: Die Lenkkontrolle war durch die hohe Geschwindigkeit des Modells durch Übermotorisierung ständig überfordert. Der Drucksensor war für schnelle Druckänderungen zu träge. Dies hatte in der Vergangenheit bereits zu einigen kritischen Situationen geführt, in denen das Model mit der Nase senkrecht im Schlamm stecken blieb. Ein weiterer Fehler war die fehlende Adresse des Eigners im Boot.
    Kurzum: Stolz kommt vor dem Fall! Wir wissen nicht, was zwischen dem Verlust im September 2000 und der Heimkehr im Juli 2021 passiert ist. Deshalb gibt es hier keine weiteren Spekulationen.
    Wir freuen uns, dass wir die Möglichkeit haben, dem Modell ein zweites Leben zu geben. "

    Lost Submarine now found P1010312

    Lost Submarine now found P1010313

    Lost Submarine now found P1010311

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