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. Bournville Dive-In (2) MBC, 15th September


Barrow in Furness MBC regatta and submarine event, Sunday 22nd Sept 2019,10am

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      AMS member

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      Post  bwi on Mon May 07, 2018 9:48 pm

      After my AKULA, which was a learning project, I start another scratch built.
      As material I now use modeling board or Polyurethane board, it’s a very dens foam, comes in various densities. David Merriman got me hooked on it. I will never go back to any other material.
      The raw materials

      VICTOR III Axson_labelite_45pk_001

      Cutting the board up

      VICTOR III Cutting_axson_labelite_45pk_4_005

      The cutting resulted in a pile of blocks with were carefully labeled with purpose and dimensions. This stuff is expensive so you don’t want to end up with a huge pile of waste, so think before you cut and measure twice.

      VICTOR III Labelite-cut

      VICTOR III Labelite-labeled

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      AMS member

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      VICTOR III Empty Towed Array pod

      Post  bwi on Mon May 07, 2018 9:53 pm

      The rough towed array pod.
      She is now resting in the "ready to paint and finish" box.
      missing but not forgotten, bushing for rudder, towed array exit hole, hatches

      VICTOR III Towed_Array_Pod_4_005

      VICTOR III Towed_Array_Pod_5_006

      VICTOR III Towed_Array_Pod_7_001
      AMS member

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      Location : Belgium

      VICTOR III Empty Stern master

      Post  bwi on Mon May 07, 2018 9:57 pm

      Test fitting all the parts for the stern. No real issues found.

      Now the most time-consuming part to be dealt with, the alinement of the planes and rudders.
      Lessons learned from my AKULA, don't forget to give enough clearance to compensate for the primer that will be applied later and for the final paint coat applied when she will be finished.

      VICTOR III Stern_Assembly_3_001

      VICTOR III Stern_assembly001

      VICTOR III Stern_Assembly_2_002

      VICTOR III Diving-plane
      AMS member

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      VICTOR III Empty stern moulds

      Post  bwi on Mon May 07, 2018 10:13 pm

      Maybe a little bit to early to post this.......maybe it will not be exactly clear to everyone what I'm trying to achieve here.....It will become clear in time when I start the casting.

      My intention is to make the moulds by shaping some modeling board and use a thin jacked of silicone to take the shape of the stern master.
      The below picture show the support moulds in with the silicone will sit. I had plenty challenges here, I wanted to integrate index lips, cast the stern hollow by means of a caliber,......

      If it will work I don't know but at least I had fun designing it.

      All this resulted in two Articulated moulds.

      Dowel pins and pockets (clearance between them is 0.02 mm) I think I made close to 50 pc of them know....and counting

      VICTOR III Dowel-pin-_fabrication-001

      Caliber mould, with integrated dummy index lips

      VICTOR III Mould-caliber-001

      VICTOR III Muld-caliber-004

      the articulated master mould assembly

      VICTOR III Mould-masters-003

      All parts of the moulds

      VICTOR III Articulated_moulds
      AMS member

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      Location : Belgium

      VICTOR III Empty The Bow

      Post  bwi on Tue May 15, 2018 7:46 pm

      The bow is taking shape.


      VICTOR III Bow_Upper_4

      VICTOR III Bow_Upper_3

      VICTOR III Bow_Upper_1

      VICTOR III Bow_Upper_2

      VICTOR III Bow_Complete_7

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