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    Beginner Revell Kit Conversion



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    Beginner Revell Kit Conversion

    Post  BuxtonRob on Fri Dec 29, 2017 10:25 am

    I am attempting to use a Revell 1/72 scale Type IX kit as the basis for an (initially) surface running submarine. It will have to be surface running initially as I only have 2.4 Ghz radio (model aircraft for years) and 40mHz sets seem to be 'hens teeth' currently. I read the section on LRS but lack the soldering skills (and the little grey cells) to tackle the modifications required. I looked at the Hobbyking website and couldn't find the 3.3 volt dongle that was referred to, though the tx and rx seem to be available, though I didn't think that 100mw power output was allowed in the UK.

    I will use an acrylic cylinder (3mm wall thickness) as the watertight section and make the end caps using a 3d printer. Probably ABS or PETG with a O ring seal.

    I will try to get working planes as well as the rudder(s) and lock them in place initially. I think that I may have to depart from scale for the rudders and aft planes as there is very little clearance and support in the stern. Possibly a single large rudder and move the planes up to a wider part of the hull to get a space with more room for support and a servo arm. Or a servo arm outside the keel through a hull bottom slot to the planes.

    From reading on here I think that I will use bellows for the servo rods, though so far I haven't discovered where they come from. One of my old aircraft modelling friends said that he used to run in buggy motors in water. I know that a brushless motor will (attempt) to run in water (overturned floatplane) so I wonder if anyone on this forum has experience of running the motor in the wet section? Otherwise I suppose its another sealing problem round the prop shaft. As most surface running boats don't seem to have a leak problem I assume that standard shaft tube seal reasonably well.
    AMS Forum Owner

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    Re: Beginner Revell Kit Conversion

    Post  salmon on Fri Dec 29, 2017 3:52 pm

    Welcome to the fascinating world of R/C submarines. So far,you have mentioned several items as problems, but almost all have been solved for awhile.
    Using bellows for pushrods is used a lot. I am sure on of these guys can speak up on that. I use an o-ring and have several successful subs.
    A power shaft can use another seal, called a cup seal.
    You do not list where you are from, so I am not sure where to help. I am across the pond.
    This site has a couple of gentlemen using 433MHz. Check out postings on that.
    Enjoy and see if someone lives near you. You can learn a lot from visiting.

    If you can cut, drill, saw, hit things and swear a lot, you're well on the way to building a working model sub.
    david f
    AMS Treasurer

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    Re: Beginner Revell Kit Conversion

    Post  david f on Sat Dec 30, 2017 11:48 am

    Hi Rob,

    I agree with Tom's reply and so some information on 458 Mhz.

    The 3.3v Dongle is available from Sparkfun:


    I wouldn't give up on openLRS. The equipment is quite cheap and very compact (with no soldering required) so buy it and have a play with it over the winter. You do need a PC or laptop and to be reasonably confident with them.

    Remember that the equipment will work "out of the box" (On 433Mhz with an earlier version of openLRS) so have a play with it before you upload the more up to date software and set it for the UK legal frequency of 458 Mhz.

    The guy that started the whole openLRS thing for model submarines (Tim S) has just posted a useful guide on Youtube.

    Concerning control rod seals. I use bellows and I got about 6 on eBay which have lasted me a number of years. As Tom says you are best using proper oil, cup seals "Simrit" etc. for shaft seals. Lots more info on this Forum. (Surface boats don't have to resist any significant water pressure so grease filled tubes etc aren't really up to the job.)

    I use brushless motors exclusively now, but I have never got one running in water! Best kept dry, I think.

    You don't say what other sources of information you use. A little list:

    SubCommittee - Forum and good online magazine for a modest subscription.

    Facebook  - Our own AMS site and the Dive-In (the latter is very chatty.)

    Events - Keep an eye on events posted on here. Big enthusiast gatherings at Papplewick, Bournville and Norwich. I see that you are from Buxton and so the exhibitions at Haydock Park (August 2018) and Poynton (You've just missed it!) could be useful for you.

    Enjoy and let us know how you are getting on.


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    Re: Beginner Revell Kit Conversion

    Post  K80 on Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:17 pm

    Hi Rob

    I am a newcomer to submarines, and I shall soon be building a Type VIIC U-Boat in 1:72

    I am afraid that I am completely clueless when it comes to RC systems, besides radio sets, servos and speed controllers, I have little experience with such things.

    You're far more educated than me on the subject, so maybe we could share information as our builds unfold?

    I look forward to seeing your progress

    All the best


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    Re: Beginner Revell Kit Conversion

    Post  merriman on Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:41 pm

    Some of this might be useful as you cobble together your Revell 1/72 Type-7 kit:


    ... and the pretty pictures:



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    Location : Derbyshire

    Re: Beginner Revell Kit Conversion

    Post  BuxtonRob on Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:33 pm

    K80 wrote:Hi Rob

    I am a newcomer to submarines, and I shall soon be building a Type VIIC U-Boat in 1:72

    I am afraid that I am completely clueless when it comes to RC systems, besides radio sets, servos and speed controllers, I have little experience with such things.

    You're far more educated than me on the subject, so maybe we could share information as our builds unfold?

    I look forward to seeing your progress

    All the best


    I doubt that I am significantly better informed (if at all) than you K80, but will update you with my progress.

    I have obtained a 50mm OD length of extruded acrylic tube and am in the process of trying to design a 3d printable set of end caps, motor and servo mounts. I have a single 385 brushed motor and a speed controller with BEC for the same plus some prop shafts and a pair of handed 25mm diameter 3 blade props. I have also obtained some servo rod bellows (don't know what else to call them) and some O rings for motor shaft seals and end cap seals. Some experimentation will be needed to get the appropriate depth of groove for the O rings in the end caps. I have decided to take a leap into the unknown with openLRS radio and have ordered a tx module and rx from Hobbyking (unfortunately only the global warehouse stocks these items apparently, so delivery time and final cost due to possible tax and handling charges remain unknown). As the first iteration of the design will be surface running (or possibly dynamic dive, depending on rate of progress) I have not addressed a ballast system at all. I suspect I should have gone for a bigger diameter tube to accommodate this in future, but lets get the mark 1 working first.

    I have the following design decisions/questions which I would like some suggestions for if anyone can help;
    - Do I need a reduction ratio between the motor and the props? One internet item suggests 2:1 reduction.
    - As I am running a pair of handed props from a single motor, am I better with the gearing inside the WTC (requires two shaft seal) or in the wet section (has the gearing running in water, which might be good for wear, but bad for friction loss)?
    - As the twin rudders are positioned well outboard, can I implement twin rudders or depart from scale to a single central rudder?
    - Will a 3D printed endcap be sufficiently waterproof? Acetone smoothed ABS is supposed to work for bowls and vases, but will it take any pressure? If not, what do I do without a lathe?
    - What problems have I not yet realised?

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    Re: Beginner Revell Kit Conversion

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